Arty Treasure News - More For July 2019

Update 29 July 2019 ... In the past week, treasures have arrived and promptly posted to their new homes! So quick I hadn't a chance to let you all know they got here. Thanks so much to all of you who PreOrdered :) 

A few of Dyan's fabulous new stamp sets are left but the rest are a PreOrder again with delivery being in 2-3 weeks, around mid August. Can't call it early august anymore, that's next week! Already! Time flies :P

A few of Tim's new Sizzix die cutting templates arrived today along with his new colour of Sidekick Die Cutting Machine. This Sidekick is just as awesome as ever but is now black to go with absolutely anything! Both the brown and white Sidekicks are still available and should be arriving in the next few days.

Some of the Dylusions treasures have run out, including the Jumpstart Journal, Dyalog Insert Books and Covers, stencils and oodles of stamps - but more are on their way, along with more of Tim's Distress Spray Stains and Strathmore Paper.... OooOh! That reminds me...  Strathmore have brought out Mixed Media Paper in Black. Its just as amazing as their creamy white mixed media paper pads but in black... sizes to choose from will be 6"x8", 9"x12", 11"x14" (all ordered, due next month sometime) and massive 18"x24" (which I can order especially for you anytime). Strathmore also has blue, grey and tan mixed media paper (not to mention everything else they make) that can be ordered anytime too.

So I'll leave you with those thoughts and go put the awesome new Thinlits online so you can see them :) Thanks for visiting and reading my shop's news. Have a happy day!

Visit this webpage in the shop to see all new arrivals!

This gorgeous art doll and cushion is by Audrey Pettit, one of the amazing artists on the Tim Holtz design team. Thanks to Tim and Mario for the use of their photo! Audrey made this duo using the fantastic new die cutting templates designed by Tim (read on for more info). 

Dylusions Stamps by Dyan Reaveley ... announced by Dyan this morning (13th July), were such fun and inspiring stamp sets you ever did see! I love them all :) Included are mermaids, portraits of octopus hair and crowns of roses, fab mushroom house, a little headless person that could easily be either a child, elf, fairy or inner-child, flowers, plants and much more.

I love how Dyan designs her bodies and heads separately to make it easier for us to mix and match our people to look however we wish! I can see triffods, Audrey (the man eating plant), windows to souls, Medusa and My Fair Lady! Can't wait for them to arrive :) What or who will you make?

Due to arrive early August ... buy in advance or wait till they arrive - the choice is yours! Click here to see, buy or admire these fab new stamps.

Brand NEW from Darkroom Door ... beautiful new designs have just arrived inStore from Rachel and Stewart. Adorable new birds and their houses, meaningful stamps for mindfulness, birthday cupcakes and candles, fab textures called "Abstract Stamps" and much more.

Images speak louder than words, so just go check them out ... they're all simply stunning! Click here to see all the new Darkroom Door designs.

new designs from Darkroom Door as Stamps and Stencils

Arty Treasure Update! ... Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates are finally back in stock! Sizes to choose from at 3"x5" (ATC sized), 5"x7" (card sized) and 8"x10" (fab for anything) plus premade shapes ready to use - seashells, octagons, quatrefoils, ovals and more! I've got packs of Gelli Arts Parchment (large sheets of lovely paper) in stock again too. Click here for all Gelli Arts treasures.

Gelli Arts are the original and the best! With their reduced prices and a drop in shipping costs, I've been able to reduce my prices as well ... so we all can save! Its so much fun, you should try monoprinting too.

Use Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates to decorate homewares, shoes, clothes, make wrapping paper, create unique scrapbook pages, print backgrounds in journals and much more! Click here for all Gelli Arts treasures including the set by Jane Davenport. Other sizes by Gelli Arts are available to order anytime too.

image of Distress Oxide Sprays with a link to diy products for sale Bundles of Arty Treasures ... Its not quite clear (I'm working on it!) that all the paints, ink pads, sprays and reinkers are available individually as well as in bundles of 3 or more. Most of the time, you can mix and match all the gorgeous colours from similar types (eg, a bundle of 3 ink sprays can be made up of 2 Dylusions Ink Sprays and 1 Tim Holtz Oxide Spray. Simply buy the "choose 3 or 10 colours" product of your choice, and let me know the names and colours you need). Another example is the Finnabair's paints... feel free to mix and match the Impasto, Metalliques and Sparks together. The general rule of thumb for paints, inkpads, reinkers and sprays is, if the single price is the same, then I can pack a personalised bundle for you. Clear as mud? I'm here to help and answer questions anytime.

While waiting for your arty treasures, why not have a wander through a few collections? ... Click here for Tim Holtz Treasures - Click this link to visit the Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley range - this link is for all Darkroom Door stamps - click here for the Latest Arrivals.

There's always something new around the corner... Tim's just announced the latest designs for Halloween and Christmas in his Sizzix collections. If you check out the amazing creations his design team has put together, you'll see like almost everything seasonal, they can be adapted for all year round. Its art, there are no rules! Just have fun :)

Even if you don't create or celebrate Halloween or Christmas, you've got to check them all out. All the artists have made the most incredible creations with paper, sewing, baking and more! So clever!

Have you heard? Tim has designed beautiful colourful wings to compliment his gorgeous Transparent Wings! Yes, they'll be here soon... I'm ordering them the second they're available :) So excited!

Creative Corner ... to help you discover ways to use your treasures or learn new (or old) techniques, my craft blog 'A Life Less Ordinary', also has FREE step-by-step tutorials with easy to follow instructions and large clear photos. Each small picture in the gallery is a link to each project's blog post. I hope they inspire you to have a go! One day I might make friends with the video camera, but till then, I hope you're happy with still photography! I know I find it easier to follow. If you ever need a hand, ask me anytime :) Have fun! Click here for the FREE tutorials

Inside Your Order... The artwork featured on your little Thank You card is all abuzz with bees made using the Tim Holtz Entomology collection (stamps and die cutting templates). The sunflowers are Dylusions stamps! They've all turned out so well :) I hope it makes you smile! Click here to visit my craft blog.

What I tell myself ...
- I will be more patient with myself.
- Think positive, sometimes Murphy is wrong (as in Murphy's Law, what will go wrong will go wrong... not very positive at all).
- I will make more time for art, not just wait for time to be available (promises to myself).
- Kay serah serah, whatever will be will be (when things go wrong and its out of my control, seem to have a theme this week).
- Breathe. Don't hold your breath, it doesn't help at all.

That last one is pretty useful... do you have things you need to remind yourself of often? Like breathing? I'm always forgetting to breathe...! No idea how that works!
The first one is easy when I'm being patient with others... its with myself that its difficult.
I've decided I need to "make" time for art and creativity because the busier I get, the less time I find... so time needs to be juggled and organised better. At least until someone invents the time-go-slower machine!

I hope you're having a good week and making time for art as well. Stay warm and enjoy all the sunshine!

Have a happy creative day!