Arty Treasure News - August 2019

Did you hear that Tim Holtz together with Tonic Studio have reimagined the Glass Media Mat, 7" Scissors and Mini Snips for all the Left Handed Artists?
How excellent is this news? I ordered all three the moment I found out and can excitedly tell you that both sets of scissors are already here in Australia. They will make life so much easier for everyone who struggles using their right hand for fussy cutting and trimming.

Click here to see all Tim's Tonic Studio Scissors

We're still waiting for Tim's Left Handed Glass Media Mat to be sent but it won't be long. Imagine... no longer leaning across your project, dragging pieces and paint everywhere, just to reach the mixing palette. Imagine not having to read measurements upside down! Its just brilliant. Thank you Tim and Tonic Studios!

photo showing an example of the Tim Holtz Tonic Studio Great Glass Media Mat for Left Handed ARtists

Its awesome that left handed tools are finally a reality and everyone and anyone will have the ability to create, no matter whether they're left-handed or right-handed.

Left handed scissors have been around a while, but these are Tim's titanium, micro-serrated, non-stick strong and durable scissors with ergonomic Kushgrip handles, made by Tonic Studio. There's no comparison!

Tim Holtz Tonic Studio Left Handed Titanium Non Stick Scissors Tim Holtz Tonic Studio Left Handed Scissors Micro Serrated Titanium Mini Snips

All preorders and special orders are here :

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More Tim News... Tim's awesome new stencil designs arrived and are online, stamps will be here shortly and all of the fantastic sets of Sizzix Thinlits and Bigz Dies are in stock too! Loving the Santa's Helper sets... that adorable elf is going to be very busy this Christmas!

The Sidekicks (mini portable Sizzix machines) are back in stock. Sizzix gave Tim's a new leash on life with a fresh black finish to compliment the rest of the Tim Holtz Sizzix range. Just like the little black dress, this beauty will go with everything!

Also new to 'Art by Jenny' is the Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway Die Cutting Embossing Machine (well its been out a little while but sometimes I like to wait for any kinks to be ironed out). The Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway will be here in the next week or so (late August). All reviews have been positive and it really does sound like an amazing little machine. Just like a Sidekick but bigger! Its white and grey, so will also go with everything. What a fab Christmas or UnBirthday present!

I pulled off the sticker from my Cuttlebug yesterday and it has a date on it, 20 Sept 2009... not that long ago but its had such a productive life, rolling out pretty shapes and patterns for almost 10 years that I think there's something missing in the middle area where it presses... even with the fab extended plates it seems to miss a bit (I know, any excuse, it can't possibly be me imagining things, just wishing for a new toy)!

Not that my Bug will never get used again, I'm sure it will especially as with the extended plates being useful for borders and strips, plus its green and looks fab (green's my fave colour). Still works ok for embossing... but, you know. Which leads me to my next great adventure - the Sizzix Big Shot Plus! Yes, sorry, I won't be showing anyone how to use a Foldaway because I'm getting a Big Plus! Just for little ol' Me! lol :) I always share, so anyone who pops in for a visit or attends a workshop can also have a play. Can't wait :)

I had been saving up for the Big Shot Pro (for years) but I finally measured the space properly against the dimensions of the machine and found out it won't fit on my table... it is massive! Perfect for quilters for cutting out huge shapes over and over, all exactly the same but not something I "need" (right now). Yes, sometimes a girl has to face reality. I'm hoping all the plates for my Cuttlebug will work with the Big Shot too... you never know!

By the way - You do know I can order for you anytime, the Provo Craft Cuttlebug don't you? And all the Spellbinders' machines including Jane's Deep Sea DieCutting Machine? As well as any of the Sizzix machines including the Big Shot Pro, Tim's Vagabond and the Express? Slight technical details with the electronic machines (warranty stuff and all that) but nothing we artists cannot handle. So much to choose from, everyone has a favourite brand - which one is yours? If you need info on any of these or anything else, I'm here to help anytime.

Click here for all Die Cutting Tools
Click here to see the Die Templates and Embossing Folders

Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley Stamps are back in stock! Those groovy flowers with such fab personality and the girl with awesome tentacles for hair are still my fave. The stamps didn't travel alone either, they had stencils, paper and watercolour paint to keep them company. Its always exciting to unpack freshly delivered boxes of treasure!

buy stamps from Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley in Australia at Art by Jenny

Click here for all Dyan's Stamps

Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates ... are in stock in a variety of sizes, including 3"x5" (ATC sized), 5"x7" (card sized) and 8"x10" (fab for anything) plus premade shapes ready to use - octagons, quatrefoils, ovals and Jane Davenport's SeaShells! The most useful 9"x12" (great for A4 paper and journals) will be back in a few weeks too. Gelli Arts are the original and the best! You can use Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates to decorate shoes, clothes, make wrapping paper, create unique scrapbook pages and much more! Need paint? Use what you have and when you run out, have a play with the Dylusions and Finnabair paints! Gelli printing is fun with Distress Inks, Watercolours, markers and so much more. Visit YouTube for ideas. I'm here to help if you get stuck too.

Click here for all Gelli Arts treasures

Need inspiration? Just like to see pretty designs and beautiful colours? Me too! I find window shopping useful for dreaming up ideas for my next project ... Click here for Tim Holtz Treasures - Click this link to visit the Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley range - click this link for all Darkroom Door stamps - Click here to visit the Finnabair collection - Click here for the Latest Arrivals.

Creative Corner ... to help you discover ways to use your treasures or learn new (or old) techniques, my craft blog 'A Life Less Ordinary', also has FREE step-by-step tutorials with easy to follow instructions and large clear photos. Each small picture in the gallery is a link to each project's blog post. I hope they inspire you to have a go! One day I might make friends with the video camera, but till then, I hope you're happy with still photography! I know I find it easier to follow. If you ever need a hand, ask me anytime :) Have fun!

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Looking for anything? Can't find someting? Have a questions? Sing out anytime, I'm always happy to help :)

Wishing you a wonderfully arty crafty, Happy Day!

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