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Art Journaling Around Australia - Faces

Balancing work and my creative time has been a juggling act these past 12 months but I finally found, or rather, made time the other day to catch up on a couple of journals that were waiting for me to finish them - then they could continue on their adventure around Australia.

Aussie Art Swap journal page for "Faces" theme, art by Jenny James of Art by Jenny
Above ... My journal page for Jan's "Faces" theme with one of my favourite quotes by Robin Williams.

I started out planning to paint and embellish with texture pastes stencils but ended up using beautiful scrapbook papers and doodling with my Derwent Graphik line makers. I love using the .3 for writing and the .5 for doodling swirls.

In hindsight, the quote "All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul, and they will never notice how broken you really are!" by Robin Williams, should have been done in a thicker pen or stamps, or even text transferred from my bubblejet. Or I could have written on a tracing paper or vellum overlay! Ah well, at least it still looks ok and you can still read it, sort of :)

If only we all saw what others saw when looking in a mirror, quote on art journal detail by Jenny James
Above ... such a peaceful woman with gorgeous blue hair and such a wise tattoo!

This quote "If only we all saw what others saw, when looking in a mirror" is something we all should take notice of as well. A friend posted a meme the other day about this too - it was funny, but we really should like ourselves (inside and out) alot more than we all do. Our family and friends love us just as we are, so we should too!

This journal swap is hosted by the wonderful and talented Louise 'River Art Girl' Kirby who manages the Aussie Art Swap Facebook group. She's gathered together a fantastic bunch of amazing artists who, like me, are passionate about art and how much it helps us in our every day lives. I'm a bit of a record at times, often saying how much art helps us heal and soothe our mind, heart and soul - but I really believe it to be true :) Its so cool to be in such an inspirational and encouraging group! We all learn from each other - its awesome!

As well as the journal circles, we have Artist Trading Card swaps, digital art postcard swap (must get mine finished asap too!) and what they call a DJP or deconstructed journal page... plus other types of swaps and prompts to keep us creative, thinking outside the hexagon (box, square... whatever!).

Louise has even organised us a blog to tell the story of our journal pages. Check it out - The Australian Art Journal Swap - its amazing! And here are my posts - Art by Jenny aka Jenny James at AAJS

Are you in Facebook too? If you'd love to be part of this fabulous arty group, visit the Facebook group and ask to join. We'd all love to see what you create :)

Happy Creative Day!

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Enchanted Art Journal Page

What do you get when you mix serviettes with glue, paint with iridescent medium and butterflies with fairies? An enchanting art journal page!

art journaling with serviettes, Dylusions Paint and Liquitex mediums

I'm happy to say that I'm pleased how this page turned out. What started out as a selection of serviettes, a small Dylusions Creative Journal, pots of Dylusions Paint and Liquitex Matte Gel Medium has turned into such a pretty page.

This particular page was made for a journal swap... my journal is currently travelling around Australia enjoying the creativity of other artists. I'll see it again in around 8-9 months so will show it off when it gets home.

I started with a blank page with the fairy serviette with a bunch of stamps next to my pot of gel medium... then forgot to take more photos! So you've just got the beginning and the end :)

I tore around the fairy so the serviette would blend into the background. Then did the same for the butterfly serviette. By the way, if you only have one serviette to use, rip carefully! It saves having to rejoin certain elements of the design :) At least I didn't rip the poor fairy's wings off!

Using the gel medium, I glued down the borders and fairy then added some purple, white and brown paint with a rolled (screwed, squished, scrunched) up piece of kitchen paper. I love how fast this Dylusions paint dries! Makes layering so much easier. It did help having the heater on as it was freezing that night.

I chose the stencils while it dried, then added more paint, again with the kitchen paper stub. I do use regular brushes, foam blending tools, sponges and stencil brushes for creating my art, but this time I wanted to keep a really rough texture to the background while keeping it flat.

I mixed paint as I painted, just adding a bit at a time. The white I just splotched on anywhere then added the purple and brown to get the paler colours. Then added more white as I made it too dark.

The green you can see is from the Chameleon Pens - why? I don't know, they were there next to me and the green just jumped into my hand while I was messing about with the stamps. The toadstools and flowers were stamped with black StazOn then blended into the background using my olive green, grey and clear Chameleon Pens.

Finally, I used a paint brush to add the Liquitex Iridescent Medium to the crystal ball and wings of the fairy and butterfly. I love this stuff... it reflects whatever colour you have underneath and makes it sparkle.

I was expecting the page to get thicker from the amount of paint and gel medium I was adding, but it didn't. And it didn't leak through to the other side (I do get a bit heavy handed with paint). Yay :)

I can't wait to see my journal when it gets home, but in the meantime, I need to create something magical and enchanting for each of the other journals when they visit.

I hope you enjoyed reading how my art journal page was created. Next time I'll remember to take photos :)

Happy Creative Day!

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