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Make Your Own Washi Tape

Make Your Own Washi Tape

Its fun, easy and satisfying to make or decorate your own washi tape for scrapbooking, journaling, cardmaking, mixed media artwork or any other project.

The main treasure you'll need is either paper and adhesive tape (or glue), self adhesive paper, white paper tape, adhesive labels or my new favourite tape, Dylusions Journal Tape.

Dyan Reaveley's own paper tape is beautifully fine and super sticky. It stays put really well without lifting plus once its on, you can hardly feel it.

You can use anything you like to decorate this journal tape including paints, inks, pencils and markers. Stamping flowers or markings over a watercolour background wash always looks beautiful :)

Today I used the Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks and my Zig waterbrush.

First I drew circles in various sizes, starting large then filling the spaces with smaller and smaller circles. They don't have to be even :) I started with just 3 strips (half a sheet) of tape in the smallest size, 20mm wide.

Scribble Sticks with Dylusions journal tape

I used 4 colours... night, blackberry, magenta and turquoise. I drew the circles in pink then added the others afterwards. The dark blue (night) I added last.

The next part is easy... using the waterbrush I washed over each circle and activated the pigments. The colours blended beautifully.

making washi tape using book tape

Stencils and stamps are great to use for making your own tape too. Use whatever colours you like and have fun!

Sing out if you have questions or need help :)

Happy Creative Day!

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Distinctly Dyan - Artist, Creator and Designer of Dylusions

Wow... so the paints aren't new! They've been around, just not with Ranger :) So happy to finally be able to buy these gorgeous treasures!

Check out this fabulously informative and brilliantly entertaining video with Noell Hyman interviewing Dyan Reaveley during CHA 2015.

Everything is available at Art by Jenny - the book Distinctly Dylusional - Dylusions Paint - Stencils - Stamps - Mixed Media Paper - Blending Tools - Journals - and much more!!!

Listen to what this amazing artist says - wise words and sensible advice :)

"Everything is easy - one easy step after one easy step after one easy step..." Eventually you will have a beautiful artwork! Nothing is wasted (check out her monoprinting, so many things we used to do before the digital era).

You can't make mistakes and when you want to go over your artwork with white pens... Let your artwork dry overnight!!! The reason our white pens don't work is because we don't wait for the artwork to cure first. Thanks so much Dyan for your wisdom, reminders and awesome artwork and products :D


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