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Going Crazy for Birds and Things

Every time I see the crazy birds, cats and things by Tim Holtz I grin from ear to ear. They're such adorable, groovy and nutty characters that its hard not to smile! I just love them all :)

Remember this groovy picture of a collection of artwork from early last year? It's from the blog of Tim Holtz "Simply Bird Crazy" blog post when the Bird Crazy stamps first arrived on the scene.

Its a great example of what could be made using the nutty adorable birds, one of my favourite stamp sets. They can be used for so many different and varied events and themes, especially when they're used with the Crazy Things stamp set!

Their furry friends are all in stock and awaiting their new homes :)

This is a link to all Tim's Crazy stamps and dies at Art by Jenny

image from the Tim Holtz Simply Bird Crazy blog post

Here are more creations that I find really inspiring...

This first one is by Anna-Karin found at the Sizzix blog. It a great example of using the Distress Micro Glaze, Distress paints and Dina Wakley acrylic paints together with the Bird Crazy dies. Its a fantastic piece of art with lots of fabulous texture and wonderful colours.

another crazy bird creation from Sizzix

Links ... Distress Micro Glaze - Distress Paints - Dina Wakley Paints 

One thing to note about the instructions on the Sizzix blog...
Use whatever you have on hand - scissors (if you don't have the dies), Cuttlebug (instead of a Bigshot) and any old cardboard box for the background. Most boxes still use the corrugated paper inbetween the smooth outer surface, simply peel this back to reveal the wrinkled card.

For the background - You could also use plain cardstock run through the embossing machine to create texture.

I prefer Strathmore watercolour paper as it doesn't pill or fall apart if you use too much water. For the technique they've used for colouring the birds (sealing the white card and dragging the paper through the ink on the craft sheet), you could even use regular cardstock (like Bazzill, the textured side) and let it dry completely before putting the birds together.

This next one is from Richele Christensen aka California Art Girl. Richele has created a variety of greeting cards using the Bird Crazy stamps and die set with some fantastic backgrounds. Her colour combinations are wonderful and the mix of elements is fantastic. So inspirational!

image from the Richele Christensen Bird Crazy blog post

image from the Richele Christensen Bird Crazy blog post
Love the colour combos in this card, well I would - green is my favourite colour! The green spots emphasize the gorgeous greens and blues used for his feathers / body. The layers of cardstock are given additonal attraction by use of string (twine).

image from the Richele Christensen Bird Crazy blog post

This bird is just like me when I'm painting - splatters everywhere and different colours all over the place! Loving this card alot :) 

The third artist, Bobbi Smith of Vintage Muse Designs, has such an incredible way of mixing colours, backgrounds and textures with 3D elements (paper tole). Check out these few samples then hop over to her blog for all the others.

image from the Bobbi Smith blog post

image from the Bobbi Smith blog post

image from the Bobbi Smith blog post

image from the Bobbi Smith blog post

Tim Holtz Crazy Cats stamp set image

Soon we will have the most adorable Crazy Cats taking over the limelight from the birds. They're arriving at Art by Jenny around the 20th to 25th May :) Can't wait!

I hope this post has inspired you to get out your Distress markers, inks and Crazy Bird stamps and have some fun. I'm here if you have questions or need help :)

Next blog post I'll find you some original creations using these fab Cats. See you then!

Happy Creative Day!

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Texture in Art Using Different Techniques and Mediums

So many different techniques for getting texture into your art.

When I was young, I used to use leaves and the ground to get great textures for my drawings. I simply placed the leaf under my paper and rubbed over with a pencil or crayon. Using another pencil, I'd enhance the leaf shape by drawing it in another colour (usually white or dark brown). Then I'd lay the paper on the roughest ground or fabric I could find (jeans are great!) and rubbed other colours for the background.

These techniques works well with anything and everything that has a surface or texture.

I never worried about what colours went together or how it was going to look when it was finished - I just did it because I loved it. The creation of art is what heals our hearts and calms the mind, the finished piece is a byproduct! A nice byproduct and most of the time its either beautiful and or useful :)

Now you can get texture pastes and mediums for nearly everything - clear, white, gloss, matte, black lava, glass beads, tissue, stringy, matte, gloss, clear, thick, thin, rigged, flexible, smooth, rough - the list goes on.

Many of which you can create yourself using either white or clear texture paste with things like beads, sand, clay, tissue, stamps, paper mache, papers, fabrics, string, ribbon, leaves, branches, feathers, pebbles or stones and even the ground!

If it has any kind of surface or texture, it can be used for art. Just make sure they're clean unless you're not concerned about the dirt in your art. One advantage to the shop bought ones, you don't need to wash the sand or sweep the ground!

Ranger's texture paste has been developed to be used with all water-based inks and paints like Dylusions Ink Sprays and Distress Paints. It behaves as just another part of the paper rather than a semi-resist.

screenshot from Tim's video about using Texture Paste
From the video of Tim Holtz using Ranger's new texture paste.

Most texture pastes appear to have a plastic finish to them, even the matte ones. This is great with acrylic paints but with inks, stains and sprays that don't have the same pigments as acrylics, the colour just sits on the surface.

In this video from Noell Hyman, Tim uses the white texture paste and explains it all. You can see how the ink and texture paste behave together - its fantastic! Enjoy the video :)

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Distinctly Dyan - Artist, Creator and Designer of Dylusions

Wow... so the paints aren't new! They've been around, just not with Ranger :) So happy to finally be able to buy these gorgeous treasures!

Check out this fabulously informative and brilliantly entertaining video with Noell Hyman interviewing Dyan Reaveley during CHA 2015.

Everything is available at Art by Jenny - the book Distinctly Dylusional - Dylusions Paint - Stencils - Stamps - Mixed Media Paper - Blending Tools - Journals - and much more!!!

Listen to what this amazing artist says - wise words and sensible advice :)

"Everything is easy - one easy step after one easy step after one easy step..." Eventually you will have a beautiful artwork! Nothing is wasted (check out her monoprinting, so many things we used to do before the digital era).

You can't make mistakes and when you want to go over your artwork with white pens... Let your artwork dry overnight!!! The reason our white pens don't work is because we don't wait for the artwork to cure first. Thanks so much Dyan for your wisdom, reminders and awesome artwork and products :D


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Acrylic Paint How-To with Dina Wakley

Meet the talented Dina Wakley as she introduces you to her range of acrylic paints and accessories - all available here at Art by Jenny.

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