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Thank You and Happy Easter from Art by Jenny

A newsy letter I just sent out - thought you might like to have a read as well.

I hope this blog post finds you happy and well. Happy Easter to you and your family! Thank you for being such a wonderful supporter of my online shop. I really appreciate it.

Are you prepared for Easter? Have anything eggstraordinary or eggciting to do? lol Couldn’t resist that one! I know some are going camping, some to church and others to the cricket, football or beach.

In our family, we spend the weekend with family and friends doing a mixture of things like housework (ew I know, but it has to be done), drinking coffee, chatting and hanging out. Sometimes we go out but generally, we go to each others homes, that's where the art is! Whoops, I mean, where the heart is. :)

I love long weekends - Even more time for my studio and with my just surviving miniature bamboo (its leaves went yellow, poor thing… something to do with water! Its ok, all green again now! phew!). Sorry, don't mean to brag that I have a studio… its just that I love being there so much.

Art is such a wonderful thing to do for the heart and soul. Just colouring in does wonders! It would be so amazing if everyone could have a permanent space for creating! Even if its just a box with a cushion and foldup table :) The box doubles as storage and a seat. A portable artspace!

Anyway, back to Easter - On Sunday morning, my family gets together for an Easter egg hunt (after taking it in turns to hide them) then enjoy a scrumptious breakfast of boiled eggs and fingers (or soldiers) of toast. My Mum and I take out all our markers and watercolours and colour our eggs before eating them. My Dad, brother and son join us and always enjoy themselves as well, even if the three of them go “ohhh, do we have to?” every year! lol Its just a fun relaxing morning.

What do you do? I’d love to hear about your weekend and if you find time to be creative too, I would love to see your art :D
Why not share it by blog, Pinterest or Facebook - then we can all see each other’s fabulous creations! If you have either of these, please send me a link or web address so I can showcase you and your art on my Facebook page.

PopUp Shop and Mother’s Day Promo

In our local community our council, the Onkaparinga Council, is leasing one of the empty shops for 6 months and calling it a PopUp Shop. I only just found it and its for all local businesses to utilise and all locals to give their two cents about what they’d like to see happen in our community. One whole wall is fitted with a temporary whiteboard and its covered with people’s ideas and comments. I’ll take some photos when I’m over there next so you can see. It looks amazing!

Now I know you may be miles away, but thought you might find this next bit interesting - you never know, maybe you're planning a holiday to our beautiful state? That would be so cool - we could catch up and have an arty afternoon! Yeah, I know - one track mind! lol

Upon finding this fabulous space I’ve managed to snag Mondays. How cool is that :) I'm so excited! The first PopUp Shop is Monday 13th April - 10am to 4pm

My plan is to use the space to promote my Mother’s Day Promotion, hold workshops and sell treasures at bargain basement prices! Arty treasures of course - the only silver and gold instore will be acrylic paint.

Each week will be a different theme. One week will feature Darkroom Door stamps, another will feature colouring and blending techniques. I’ve got 2 months to fill - its going to be fantastic! But don’t worry, I'm going to include the online store with special promotions just for you. Click the ‘yes’ link below so you don’t miss any of the bargains!

My Mother’s Day Promo is still having the kinks ironed out but so far there are over $200 worth of arty treasures to be won by one lucky customer! Imagine if that was you? Click 'yes' below to keep informed of this incredible promotion. I’m sending out the details on Monday as it starts on Tuesday next week.

If you’d like to be kept in the know of either the Mother’s Day Promotion, the PopUp Shop or other news - please let me know.

To say “Yes please, that would be fabulous, I’d love to keep in touch!” click the link YES. Please add my email so I can read your super exciting arty news!

If you don’t want to hear from me, that’s totally fine. Time is precious, so I completely understand if you don’t have any to spare. You can always keep in touch via Facebook :)

Until next time, I’ll wish you a Wonderful and Happy Easter. I hope you find time to be arty as well as spend time with family and friends.

Enjoy and have a Happy Creative Weekend!

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