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Color Me Fearless - A Beautiful Book for Colouring and Chilling Out

cover image of Color Me Fearless by Angela Porter and Lacy Mucklow'Color Me Fearless' is the fourth book in the Zen and the Art of Colouring Series

Color Me Fearless is by a world reknown pair of talented peoples - art therapist Lacy Mucklow (MA ATR-BC, LPAT, LCPAT) and illustrator Angela Porter. Check out their Facebook colouring group here - lots of arty goodness based upon the Color Me series of books.

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If you're overwhelmed by all the millions of colouring books that have swamped the market, you're not alone. This book isn't like any of those at all.

This wonderful therapeutic book is filled from cover to cover with beautifully drawn illustrations featuring magical scenes that are just waiting to be coloured by you! Wait until you see it - there's a picture that looks like Stonehenge and a wonderful dragon to colour.

I've created a video review that includes my thoughts, over excitedness and ooohs and aaahs as I wander through this book with you. I hadn't opened the book before recording, so unless you've watched my video before (thanks for watching it more than once if you have) then we're both seeing it all together for the first time.

In this amazing book, Angela and Lacy offer up 100 colouring templates, all designed to boost strength, courage, and confidence. At the beginning of each chapter are a few coloured illustrations to guide you along, plus at the end of each chapter is a blank page to draw your own picture to colour. Wonderfully organised into seven therapeutically themed chapters, readers can explore the benefits of putting pencil (or paints, markers and crayons) to paper.

Happy Creative Day!

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