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My First eShop Blog Post and a Thank You

This message is for all of you - my family, friends, suppliers, customers and fans!

I thank you all for all the incredible support you gave me throughout the first 12 months of my new journey as Art Shop Owner.

What an amazing start to an online shopping experience with Art by Jenny. It was an fabulous year and I learnt a huge amount - both in life and business.

I have two blogs now: ... for art and craft news, projects, tutorials, inspiring finds and news from behind the scenes. ... for sharing shop news, product tips, information, techniques, videos and special offers.

The shop is slowly expanding, not only because I'm adding new products nearly every day, but I'm sending out arty treasures to those who purchased them. I feel very grateful to have people choose to buy from me - out of all the thousands of shops online. Its a fab feeling!

If there is anything you've seen or you'd like found from your favourite brands, just ask.

Until next time,

Happy Creative Day!

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