Fabulous Find ... Blogs About Successful Blogging

Good morning!

Last week I found a brilliant website about all things bloggy and shared the news with my wonderful friends at the Creative Ability Network. I'll tell you more about the site's creator another day... she's amazing!

The Learning to Blog post was Your Blog Quick Start Action Guide and filled with loads of useful advice about what not to do and how to go about getting your blog up and running.

Then this morning, another great friend, Webgrrl (fellow digital guru and designer of many beautiful works of art), highlighted another fabulous website.

Pixel77 is a website for all things digital but the post that caught my eye was How to Successfully Market Your Design Blog. Just what I needed!

Its hard to go past two amazing sites like these without sharing the news. They've helped me, and hopefully they will be useful for you as well.

Happy Creative Day!