Brusho Watercolour Wax Resist Sticks - Clear Crayons - 5 Pieces

Colourcraft Ltd


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Brusho Wax Resist Sticks - 5 (five) Clear Crayons ... by ColourCraft Ltd.

Brusho Wax Resist Sticks are a white crayon (almost 3" long) that is made of a clear wax similar to that of a candle, but softer. It leaves transparent marks not white marks. Perfect for creating highlights, reflections in water, stars, highlights from sunshine or in bubbles, rain or balloons, watermark effects. Use to create interesting patterns, textures and rubbings in art. 

Use with Brusho Crystal Colours (also available, sold separately) and other watercolour paints and inks for all kinds of visual arts projects including cardmaking, art journaling, mixed media, canvases, greeting cards, gift tags, scrapbooking, mixed media and more.

To create a resist...
- Draw, colour, scribble with the clear wax crayon onto a surface.
- The Brusho Wax Resist Stick leaves a translucent mark.
- The more wax applied, the greater the resist.
- No need to wait for it to dry!
- Once dry, it will repell most water based inks and watercolour paints leaving behind whatever design you created with the crayon.

- 5 sticks of Brusho Wax Resist
- Acid Free
- Non-toxic

Each crayon is approx 74mm long and 7 to 8mm thick.
Pack size is approx 77mm x 44mm x 9mm.