Winsor & Newton Watercolour Medium - Lifting Preparation 75ml

Winsor & Newton


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Lifing Preparation Medium

This waterbased medium helps to allow dry colour washes, including staining colours and pigments to be easily lifted from paper with a wet brush or rag.

W&N says on the bottle and their website "Apply directly to paper and allow to dry before painting. It is recommended to coat the whole surface before commencing painting."

Jenny explains ... This product is like gesso, in that is prepares the paper to allow us to make mistakes! Using a wide soft brush, apply a thin even coat of medium over your paper the day (or earlier) before you want to start painting. This will give it time to dry completely and properly.
It should work with all watercolour and water-soluble paints and inks. Experiment and have fun!

Bottle contains 75ml lifting preparation medium.