Heidi Swapp Minc - Toner Ink - Black - 2oz

Heidi Swapp

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Minc Toner Ink - 2 fl oz of black liquid toner ... by Heidi Swapp.

Toner ink for heat foiling with the Heidi Swapp Minc Machine and Reactive Foils (also available, each sold separately).

Create beautiful, foiled works of art using the Minc Toner Ink with the Minc Heating Machine by Heidi Swapp!

Use the toner stamp ink to prep your stamp pad, then use your favourite stamps to print your designs. Let dry, add reactive foils and run through your Minc Machine or laminator. Peel off the reactive foil and check out the beautiful foiled result. Use the leftover foil to create a unique background for other artwork - and use the leftover clear cellophane after all the foil is used up as a window or cellophane overlay. 

Alternatively, use the Minc Ink with brayers to apply ink to your stamps. Allow the ink to dry before foiling through the machine.

Add Minc metallic embellishments to any project to make them stand out. Great for mixed media, journaling, scrapbooks, cards, calendars, planners and so much more.

How to use ...
- Use to refill your Heidi Swapp Toner Ink Pad (not included but is available to order if you wish).
- The included instructions state you only need to use 15ml at a time for your ink pad, so you'll get at least 3 refills per bottle.

A better way to use your ink ...
- using an eyedropper (I've got some empty bottles with eyedroppers on the way, sold separately) ... squirt a few drops onto your non-stick craft mat (instead of pouring).
- Working quickly and carefully, pour a drop of ink onto your non-stick craft mat.
- Use a roller or brayer to pick up the ink (roll the brayer through the ink to get even coverage) and roll over your stamp (rubber, foam or clear).
- Press the stamp to print onto your surface (the surface has to be heat resistant so it doesn't melt or burn while going through the Minc Machine).
- Clean the stamp straight away with Minc Cleanser or other solvent cleanser, do not let the ink dry on the tools or stamps.
- Use with Texture Paste, Tim Holtz Resist Fluid and Modelling Paste (ones that won't melt with heat) ... allow all the mediums to be fully dry (cured) before applying ink and foils.

Always ...
- Work on a protected area (craft mat or scrap paper).
- Let the Minc Ink dry before foiling.
- Clean all items after use before the toner fluid dries.
- Once the toner fluid is dry, you might be able to clean it off using the Minc Toner Cleanser (sold separately) or if on a non-porous surface, might be able to use sticky tape to peel off the dried toner.

Experiment, be creative and most of all, have fun!
- non toxic
- dries black and opaque
- permanent when dry
- made by American Crafts

In the box ... 1 (one) bottle of Heidi Swapp Minc Toner Ink, 2 fl oz or 59.2ml and a small measuring cup.

The bottle has a tiny bit of adhesive on the base to help keep the bottle stable inside the clear plastic packaging.
- As the bottle still moves about inside the box, I will wrap padding around the glass bottle so it is secure and protected during its travels to you.