Strathmore - Palette Paper - 12x16in A3 - 40 Sheets



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Palette Paper - by Strathmore Artist ... 12"x16" (approx A3), White, 40 Sheets. Smooth white poly-coated surface for use as a disposable mixing palette.

Palette Paper is a white poly-coated paper, with a smooth waxy surface for using as a paint palette (oils, watercolours or acrylics). Its perfect for using under an art journal page to keep the rest of the book clean. Being coated with the plastic feeling coating makes it waterproof, protecting anything underneath it from splashes and mess while you work.

It says disposable, but I haven't thrown out a sheet yet - its reusable over and over, then when all the paint is dry on the surface, either clean it off or just ignore it and keep going.
Most watercolours and inks will wash off, while oils and acrylic paints and mediums will dry on the surface - so depending what you've used, either wipe the paper clean or scrape gently (so you don't tear the paper) to remove excess.

The smaller size, 9"x12" is also available, sold separately.

Use with all kinds of mediums while stamping, painting, drawing, mixed media, watercolours, acrylics, lettering, (water, paints, inks), journaling and other visual arts and creative projects.

The paper is in a pad form, gummed at both short edges so it doesn't blow around if you're painting outside. One side of the paper is poly-coated, the other is smooth and matte, ideal for scribbling ideas or using in art.

To use this paper:
- leave in the book to use as a sturdy paint palette.
- separate both gummed ends to place under your artwork.

Pad contains:
- 40 sheets
- poly-coated
- top side is waterproof

Sheet Size : 12" x 16" (30.5cm x 40.6cm), 41 lb (67gsm). 40 sheets.