Tim Holtz Thinlits Die Cutting Set by Sizzix - Tree Light



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Tree Light ... by Tim Holtz. Set of Sizzix Thinlits, metal templates to cut, emboss and stencil.

A "Tree Light" is a decorative lantern in the shape of a tedrahedron (3 sided pyramid). This pack includes 2 different sized Tree Lights, each with mix and match sides.

Tree Light Sizes : one is 3.75" tall and the other is 5" tall. Both are 2.5" at the base.

The photo shows the completed trees made of silver and gold metallic paper on top of a battery operated tealight (also available, upon request) underneath.

This set contains 2 designs made up of 8 pieces. The pieces cut away are great to use in mosaics or added piece by piece for extra dimension.

Thinlits create dazzling detailed shapes for more creative cardmaking and papercrafting projects. These wafer thin chemically etched die templates are designed to cut, emboss or stencil a single sheet of cardstock, paper, metallic foil or vellum.

They are simple to use, compact and portable for cutting at home or on the go. Use them for enhanced intricacy and to add a special touch of inspiration to all your projects.

Because of their intricacy, Thinlits dies may require up to three passes to cut. If extra help is needed for easier separation of the die-cut shape from the template, place wax paper between the Thinlits die and your material and then roll through your preferred machine.

These Sizzix Thinlits are compatible with most hand-wrangled die cutting and embossing machines that have an opening wider than 6" wide - including the Sizzix Big Shot, BigShot Pro and Vagabond machines.

These die can also emboss when the machine's included platform is combined with an Impressions Pad and Silicone Rubber sheet. To stencil, place the die over desired material and apply ink or chalk to the die indentations. This technique can be used alone or to enhance embossed designs.

This package contains 8 shapes (2 tetrahedrons and 6 sides).
Package size is 16.3cm x 31cm.
Designed by Tim Holtz and manufactured by Sizzix.

Sizzix product number 663107