Ranger Ink - Handle It Tool - Mini Tongs with Hands - NEW!



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Handle It Tool ... by Ranger Ink. Adorable and useful mini tongs with helping hands on the end.

Use this extra pair of hands when heat embossing, heat foiling or hot glue sticking so you don't burn your fingers yet again! The tongs are approx 5 1/4" long, with hands that are 1" wide (complete with fingers and thumbs), made of black silicone and 4" long steel springy handles.

They are light to hold and easy to use. Designed to hold your items gently yet firmly. The soft black silicone hands are sturdy enough to hold heavy cardstock and gentle enough to not leave any marks on delicate paper, even vellum!

Use with caution ... when steel gets hot it will bite, so please ensure you only let the heat work on the Handle-It Tool's hands, not the arms!

Designed by Ranger Ink.