Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley

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This category is dedicated to the one and only incredibly talented and amazing Dyan Reaveley, designer of Dylusions! What an inspiration :) 

Latest Dylusions News Update - Newly announced, just the other day! We're getting 6 (six) beautiful sparkly Shimmer Paints (acrylic paint with gorgeous shimmery mica goodness) plus 2 packs of Collage Sheets, versatile pink Cutting Mat (shaped in the Dylusional way) and a fabulously useful Accessory Bag. 

All these new Dylusions treasures are due to arrive late March (fingers crossed for earlier) but as you know, things change overnight so please be aware that it might not be until April. Watch this space or buy in advance, whichever you wish! I'll update each product with latest info too. Msg me if you have questions :) Thank you! Jenny

Please purchase any PreOrder Product separately to anything else unless you are happy to wait for everything to be posted together. 

Want to try something new? We have a fresh delivery of Dyan's fun and fabulous hexagon series of stamps and stencils so there is plenty in stock again. Imagine quilting and sewing patchwork without actually sewing! Stamp, stencil, add colour then add thoughts to clear your mind with 'Full Blown Circus' or write your own (our handwriting is unique to each us, so cherish your lettering skills and use it in your journals).
The new silhouettes (Edith, Otis and Tom) work well on their own as well as compliment all the older ones - Otis and his friend have a sausage dog and balloon, Edith and her friend have a cat, while Tom has an identical twin who's a tad shorter than himself. Have fun!

We also have plenty of other Dylusions essentials ... Collage Sheets, Colouring Sheets, Sticker Books, Planner Stamps, Dyalog and planner accessories, ink sprays and acrylic paints (all colours are in stock) and more are on the shelf too. Its a bold, bright collection of creative gorgeousness!

More Dylusions Arty Treasures are arriving every week :) So grateful every day! Thank you for your patience :) If you can't find something, sing out anytime.