Dylusions - Dyalog Bundle - Starter Kit - 1 Cover and 4 Insert Books



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Dylusions Dyalog ... Personalised Planners for Organising a Creative Mind!

Dyalog Starter Bundle ... the basics for being creative every day!

Dyalogs are a portable art journaling and organiser planner system that is great for all ages and all abilities. Use for sketching ideas, writing notes, art journaling your dreams and thoughts, keeping memories noted, write a journal, keep a diary... its a flexible system where the individual items can be used together as a collection or on their own.

You choose the designs of 1 (one) Cover and 4 (four) Insert Books! Check out the images to see all the designs or msg me for details. 
Don't Forget to let me know which ones you'd like - simply by including a comment with your order.

This bundle of Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley Dyalogs includes...
- 1 Cover (choose from the red 'Dream Girl', blue 'Flamingo Frame', purple 'Believe' or the white 'No Limits' customisable cover)
- 4 Insert Books (choose from any of the 16 available, see the photos)
- 1 pack of Pocket Inserts (3 pockets)
- 1 pack of Dyalog Bands (4 colourful elastics)
PLUS these freebies...
- Dylusions Dy Cuts (1 pack, designs vary)
- Dylusions Glue Sticks (3 pack)

FYI - The newest additions to the Dyalog collection will be in stock late February 2019 ... including the beautiful pencil case, useful clear pockets, fabulous stamps and versatile stencils.

The photos show the different covers and insert books available :)

Mix and match your planning essentials to meet your needs. Put some fun and colour into planning, organisation and reaching goals. A flexible and easy to use planning and organisation system for every day, journaling or just on special occasions at home, in the garden, at the office, during school - you choose the how, why and what of your journey.

Use with paints, ink sprays, pencils, markers, pens and ink pads together with your favourite stamps and stencils (none included but all are available at 'Art by Jenny') ... I'm here if you need a hand :) Have fun!

About the Dyalog Cover...
This fabulous cover is made of beautifully printed canvas and measures 5.875" x 8.75" and includes a built in elastic so you're ready to go.
- 4 (four) designs to choose from including the red 'Dream Girl', blue 'Flamingo Frame', purple 'Believe' or the white 'No Limits' customisable cover.

About the Dyalog Insert Books...
Dyalog Insert Books are functional and creative notebooks in 8 different styles each with 2 colourful covers (giving us 16 books to choose from) : Agenda (week to a page, perpetual diary), Grids (graph), Dots (graph but in spots), Ruled (feint ruled lines), Handwriting Lines (great for lists and calligraphy), Blank, Black and Backgrounds (2 different books of colourful pages).

Versatile and practical, the insert books and pockets can also be used on their own or with the Dyalog cover and accessories.

The inside pages are Dylusions Mixed Media Paper, a versatile surface that accepts a variety of techniques without bleeding through.
Made out of the same awesome quality, smooth mixed media paper found in the Dylusions Creative Dyary (also available, sold separately).
Each insert book has rounded corners, a satin varnished cover and is stitched along the spine (saddle-stitched) in a colourful cotton. Measures approx 4.375" x 8.25" and has 24 pages.

About the Dyalog Elastics...
This pack contains 4 elastic bands, 1 of each colour that coordinates with the whole Dylusions range : black marble, crushed grape, calypso teal and bubblegum pink. Each elastic band measures .13 x 7.25 inches unstretched.

About the Pocket Inserts...
This pack contains 3 pocket inserts. Each is a high quality, strong and sturdy, beautifully printed card folded in half with 2 large inserts for collecting and storing stickers, elastics, colouring sheets, die-cut pieces (like the Dy Cuts!), to do lists, receipts, notes, and much more. Slots cut into the side are perfect for paper clips and business cards.
Each pocket measures 4.375" x 8.25" (closed). 3 pocket inserts, 1 of each design.