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Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley

Dylusions Dyamond Brush Set - 2 Brushes

Dylusions Dyamond Brush Set - 2 Brushes

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Dyamond Brush Set - 2 brushes (Fluffer and Faffer) ... by Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions and Ranger Ink. One fluffy soft brush and one round bristle brush for use with embossing powders and pearlised pigments when creating dimensional layers with artwork. 

This pair of brushes are perfect to be used with Dyamond Dust, the pearlised powdered pigment by Dylusions. Use the rounded bristle brush, the Faffer, to apply the Dyamond Dust (pearl pigment) to your artwork, and use the fluffy soft brush, the Fluffer, to gently brush away the excess.

Create a beautiful enamel look with 3D effects using the Dylusions Dyamond range of art supplies with book covers, journals, scrapbooks, greeting cards, mixed media, embossed dimensional artwork and more.

Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions Dyamond range of art supplies are specially developed to use with Dyamond Rocks ultra thick embossing powder and Dyamond Dusts (pearl pigments) plus are perfectly versatile and work with all your other art supplies including paints, inks, mediums, texture pastes, stencils, books, papers, stamps and other arty essentials.

To use with the Dyamond range ...
- Apply Dyamond Medium (slow drying clear ink) using the ink pad or dabber bottle to your heavyweight surface (eg, Dyamond Blocks chipboard).
- Sprinkle the Dyamond Rocks (colourful embossing powder) over the top of the wet medium, tap off excess.
- Heat to melt using the Ranger Heat-it Tool. Careful, it gets very hot!
- While this layer is still hot, sprinkle over another layer of rocks and heat to melt.
- Repeat the last step to create a thick smooth layer.
- While warm, ink a stamp with Dyamond Medium and press into the warm enamel.
- Leave to cool then remove stamp. 
- Apply Dyamond Dust using the Faffer (round tip brush) to enhance the raised areas of the embossing.
- Use the Fluffer (soft fluffy brush) to clear away the excess pigment.
- Add a sparkly finishing touch using Dyamond Stickles glitter glue and leave aside to dry (10 minutes).

Package contains : 2 (two) short pink brushes (4 1/2" long) with black synthetic bristles, 1 (one) of each style (Faffer and Fluffer). 

Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions Dyamonds collection is made by Ranger.

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