Posca - Coloured Pencils - Pack of 36 - NEW!



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Posca Coloured Pencils ... set of 36 oil based, smooth creamy, vibrant colours in compact triple decker storage case with elastic closure. 

POSCA Pencils oil-based colored pencils in 36 beautiful colours. They are smooth to use, fade-resistant (lightfast), highly opaque and blendable on a variety of surfaces. Posca pencils write and draw with a smooth and soft application, easily blended and work with other tools like burnishers, blenders, clear blending pencils, oil mediums and solvent blenders.

A wonderful collection of beautiful colours for drawings, illustrations, colouring, mixed media, scrapbooking, stamping, writing, adding shadows and highlights to artwork, art journaling and more.

This 36 pencil set includes one each of the POSCA Pencil Colors in a durable hard-shell storage case. The storage case is made up on 3 layers and a clear durable lid. Each pencil has been dipped in black with the ends dipped in the colour of the pencil (with a very close match to the actual colour) and the number of the colour is printed on the end. They're pre-sharpened, ready to use straight out of the box.

Note from Jenny ... As you can see from the chart, the colours are beautiful - they're all rich with pigment and blend over and under each other really well. Soft pencils require a lighter touch than harder pencils to get the paler versions of themselves but when you do so, you can create an amazing variety of other blends, hues and tones. The white is a very clean opaque pencil, great for lightening and blending other colours together.

The 36 Posca colours are ...
- white (blanc, 1)
- ivory (antique white, 46) 
- lemon yellow (28)
- yellow (2)
- bright yellow-orange (3)
- orange (4)
- vermillion (orange red, 16)
- red (15)
- dark red (14)
- coral pink (66)
- light pink (51)
- lilac (light purple, 34)
- mauve (red purple, 35)
- fuchsia (dark pink, 11)
- navy blue (9)
- Prussian blue (10)
- blue (33)
- light blue (8)
- blue green (39)
- emerald green (31)
- fresh green (52)
- green (6)
- green tea (76)
- khaki green (7)
- dark olive (18)
- pine green (77)
- light orange (54)
- light ochre (78)
- ochre (19)
- ash brown (29)
- brown (warm brown, 21)
- dark brown (22)
- light grey (23)
- grey (37)
- dark grey (61)
- black (24)
... the numbers in the list are imprinted on the end of each pencil.

Size ... 
- each pencil is approx 173mm long, 7mm wide.
- core is approx 4mm.
- storage tin is 11.3cm x 21cm x 4.3cm.

 In the box ... 36 pencils, 1 triple layer storage box with lid and elastic closure.

The colour chart in the photos was created by me on a creamy coloured, lightly textured cotton paper. It is a scan that has not been edited to enhance any details, so depending on your screen, would show you a pretty close representation of all the gorgeous colours. 

Made in Japan by Uni Mitsubishi Pencil Co Ltd.