Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate - Jane Davenport 8x10 and Seashell Set

Gelli Arts


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Set of 2 Gel Printing Plates with Accessories - one large rectangle 8"x10" and small SeaShell 2 1/4" x 3" wide ... by Gelli Arts for Jane Davenport. 

With 2 Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates in one set, you can be ready to print at a moment's notice. The Gelli Arts printing plates are quick to prepare, simple to use and easy to clean.

These are a slimline collection of Gel Printing Plates. They are high quality, versatile and durable tools for monoprinting and creating your own background papers for scrapbooking, wrapping, cards, prints for wallart, mixed media, collage...  anything at all.

Use with an acrylic block to print like a stamp, lie on the table as usual or hold in your hand... have fun printing and creating marvelous designs!

Gel Printing Plates work with any water-soluble paints and inks including watercolours and acrylic paints, Distress Inks, ink sprays, stains, inkpads and reinkers (and more). Print on paper, card, fabric, shoes, bags, aprons, glass frames, phone covers - anything at all. The only limit is your imagination.

This package contains ...
- 2 (two) Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates
... size : rectangle 8"x10"
... size : seashell gel plate 2 1/4" x 3" wide
- printable seashell stickers
- seashell stencil
- eyelash yarn
- acetate packaging for storage
- basic instructions for use

Extra Information...
- Fabric Painting : Use fabric paint or add a fabric medium to your acrylic paint. Alternatively, apply a coat of fabric medium over the finished printing once it is dry. Some fabric mediums require heat setting to make permanent too - always read the directions before use.
- Plastic, Glass and other Non-Porous Surfaces : Apply a coat of clear gesso to your item and let dry before printing. Once your project is completed and has dried for at least 12 hours, apply a coat of permanent sealer or varnish to keep the design intact.
- Be aware that some dyes, paints and mediums may permanently stain the surface of the gel plate. Being stained does not affect how it works, its just a discolouration. Most of us artists love any stain left behind because it can add that extra something to the next print.

Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates are best stored in their original packaging to keep their surface even, free of dust, marks and dents. Store at room temperature in a horizontal (flat) position. Instructions, tips and ideas are also included.