Jane Davenport Base Paints - Gess-Oh and Matte Medi-Yum

Jane Davenport

$12.50 $19.50

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Gess-Oh, white opaque gesso for priming the surface before you start painting, as well as a block out of areas that you want to recreate. 

Matte Medi-Yum is Jane's go-to tube of adhesive and sealer. Goes on translucent, dries clear.

Use the Gess-Oh to prime your surface, Medi-Yum to glue on the tissue then paint on Gess-Oh over the areas you want to paint with other details. eg, if you want tissue for hair, you'd paint out the face (and maybe the background too if you want that to be different) with gesso before painting the facial features.

Apply them on board, paper, card, canvas or your choice of surface before applying a coat of paint. These base paints offer a uniform coverage and prevent paints from soaking into the surface.

Contents: 2 tubes of base paint, each tube holds 1.35 fl oz (40ml)...
- Gess-Oh base paint (gesso surface primer and block out paint)
- Matte Medi-Yum base paint (matte medium adhesive and sealer)