Jane Davenport Magic Wands - Set of 24 Colour Pencils

Jane Davenport


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Magic Wand Pencils... by Jane Davenport

These coloured pencils are like no other. Each pencil has exceptionally soft, highly pigmented cores that are able to work over watercolours, gesso and matte acrylic paints. A beautiful pencil to use for blending, colouring, drawing, sketching as well as taking notes, scribbling ideas or marking details on a painting.

Set contains 24 coloured pencils otherwise known as "magic wands". Packaged in a reusable storage tin with a hinge lid.

The beautiful colours are:
- Raven (black)
- Jane's Grey (dark warm grey)
- Unicorn (white)
- Highlight (skintone, light peach)
- Buff (medium skintone)
- Contour (dark skintone)
- Egg Yolk (yellow ocre)
- Buzzy (lemon yellow)
- Jimmy (grass green)
- Emerald (medium green)
- Eyeshadow (light aqua)
- Mermaid (sea blue, turquoise)
- Dragonfly (medium blue)
- Butterfly (sky, cobalt blue)
- Ink (dark blue, navy)
- Mystic (mauve)
- Feather (purple)
- Pixie (purple pink)
- Kiss Kiss (pink)
- Candy Floss (light pink)
- Heart Throb (scarlet, red)
- Flamingo (dark pink)
- Bear (brown)
- Eclipse (dark brown)