Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers - All 32 Colours

Jane Davenport


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Collection of 32 Mermaid Markers ... by Jane Davenport Mixed Media

Mermaid Markers are watercolour brush pens filled with high quality, water soluble, richly pigmented, dye-based inks in simply gorgeous colours. 

Mermaid Markers are perfect for beginners as well as professionals. Nylon brush tip, refillable body, watersoluble dye-based ink. Dye-based ink means the colours are semi-translucent (not opaque, solid) so when colours overlap, they blend wonderfully :)

You can use them to paint, colour, draw, write and decorate your diaries, journals, scrapbooks, cards or other papercraft projects.

This set contains all 32 gorgeous colours.
12 from the original set...
- Bluebottle (mid sky blue)
- Byron Bay (turquoise)
- Siren (dark green, blue base)
- Seaweed (lime green)
- Beach (pale peach)
- Pirate's Gold (golden yellow)
- Starfish (hot pink)
- Coral (light red)
- Lobster (scarlet red)
- Jellyfish (mauve, purple)
- Deep Sea (dark blue, indigo)
- Reef (dark brown, red base)

6 from Shipwrecked set...
- Stormy Seas (cool grey)
- Shark's Eye (black)
- Squid Ink (mid blue)
- Kelp (dark green)
- Octopus (scarlet red)
- Gills (magenta, bright deep pink)

6 from Sunbleached set...
- Driftwood (light grey)
- Lagoon (light bright blue)
- Bali Blue (light blue-green)
- Sandbar (light yellow)
- Seashell (light red)
- Conch (pink)

4 from Shimmering Sky...
- Aurora Austral (teal green)
- Milky Way (deep turquoise)
- Polar Lights (magenta, dark pink)
- Planet Gliese (light pink)

4 from Celestial Sky...
- Moonbeam (pale silver)
- Meteorite (silver)
- Falling Star (rich gold)
- Black Hole (charcoal)

Don't forget to take off the lime green safety ring before using.
Store markers upright (lid up) in your favourite jar, mug or tin and Enjoy :)

Please note: Refillable and reuseable! When your marker is empty, either reuse as a waterbrush, fill with Jane's ink or other watersoluble dye-based ink like Distress or Dylusions.

Collection of 32 Mermaid Markers. Acid free.