Jane Davenport AquaPastels Watercolour Crayons - 12 Colours

Jane Davenport


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AquaPastels, set of 12 colorful watercolour crayons by Jane Davenport Mixed Media.

Add bursts of colour to your drawings, stamps and other crafts. Easily create beautiful watercolour effects simply by applying the desired amount of colour, add water (brush or spray bottle) and watch it transform right before your eyes!

The crayon pigments dissolve easily into a smooth watercolour palette. They are a hard crayon, with only a hint of feeling waxy when used dry.

Use wet or dry, on wet or dry surfaces - watercolour crayons are pretty versatile.

Colour names are chosen by Jane in memory of inspirational artists from years gone by. They are:
- Toulouse-Lautrec, bright green
- Da Vinci, dark green
- Botticelli, bright blue
- Van Gogh, dark blue
- Michelangelo, diox (dark) purple
- Ingres, purple
- Frida, bright pink
- Dali, dark pink
- Cezanne, bright red
- Gauguin, brown
- Laurencin, flesh
- Monet, lemon yellow

Each set of 12 crayons includes a beautiful, handy storage tin.