Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks - Set of 12 Watercolours

Dina Wakley


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Hi there! If you're watching this or have it bookmarked - I had it priced incorrectly... So sorry about that :)
They're worth this price (if they weren't I'd stop getting them in). These are simply beautiful colours in a fantastic format! A cheaper version of those other Paint Sticks I have in stock (which are incredible I must say!). Any questions, sing out anytime :) Thank you! Have a happy creative day!


The Dina Wakley's Scribble Sticks are versatile, high quality water soluble pigments in the shape of a crayon. Not a crayon at all :) Similar to woodless watercolour pencils.

These unique woodless colour sticks draw and sketch like a pencil on paper, card and textiles as well as over acrylic painted surfaces and other mediums... wet or dry.

Create backgrounds and blend colours as transparent layers or as bold opaque marks.

So many ways to create...

- Draw, scribble and colour direct on your dry surface.

- Use the Scribble Sticks (drawing, colouring, scribbling) and then wet and blend with a waterbrush, blending tool, sponge, paint brush or fingers.

- Pick pigment off the Scribble Sticks with a waterbrush and use as paint.

- Draw or scribble directly onto wet surfaces and watch the colours blend (don't forget to gently wipe off excess paints)

- Repeat all the above but with wet Scribble Sticks

12 Sticks of Colour... white, black, umber, blackberry, night, sky, turquoise, lime, lemon, tangerine, ruby, magenta... made to coordinate with the acrylic paints.