Manuscript Goat Hair Calligraphy Watercolour Paintbrush - Large


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Goat Hair Calligraphy and Watercolour Paint Brush, Large

The supple and resilient combination of the natural goat hairs make this paint brush ideal for watercolour painting, sumi-e painting, Chinese calligraphy scripts, ink wash painting and tinting.

The core of the brush tips are short for strength and ink retention, surrounded by an outer layer of long hairs that make up the supple tip. Assembled to a wonderful bamboo handle and beautifully engraved with Chinese symbols.

For use with watersoluble inks and paints only - Chinese inks, Distress inks, watercolour paints and Dylusions inks (all sold separately).

Paint brush and handle : 10" long.
Bristle size : .5" x 2.25" long.