Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers - Celestial Sky - 4 Pens

Jane Davenport


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Celestial Sky Mermaid Markers by Jane Davenport Mixed Media

Set of 4 ever so beautiful watercolour brush pens with a metallic, shimmery, sparkly finish. Easily create a stunning masterpiece with these wonderful watercolour brush markers designed by Jane Davenport who brings the world "The Institute of Cute".

Mermaid Markers are pre-filled with gorgeous silvers, gold and black ink that shimmers and sparkles everywhere they go. They are dye-based ink, these brush pens are perfect for beginners as well as professionals.

Nylon brush tip, refillable body, watersoluble dye-based ink. Dye-based ink means the colours are semi-translucent (not opaque, solid) so when colours overlap, they blend wonderfully :)

You can use them to paint, colour, draw, write and decorate your diaries, journals, scrapbooks, cards or other papercraft projects.

This set contains 4 (four) colours from the Colour Institute:
- Moonbeam (pale silver)
- Meteorite (silver)
- Falling Star (rich gold)
- Black Hole (charcoal)

Please note: the Falling Star may or may not be wrongly labeled "Milky Way". Whatever its label, the ink is still a beautiful golden colour.

To activate the shimmery particles (they settle in the ink because they're heavier), swish and swirl your pen (do not shake up and down) to mix the pigments, particles and ink together.

Don't forget to take off the lime green safety ring before using.
Store markers upright (lid up) in your favourite jar, mug or tin and Enjoy :)

Please note: Refillable and reuseable! When your marker is empty, either reuse as a waterbrush, fill with other watersoluble dye-based ink like Distress or Dylusions.