Zig Cartoonist Brush Pen - White - Fine Tip



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White Paint Pen with Very Fine Brush Tip ... by Kuretake's Zig.

Great for highlights in illustration, manga and other artwork. Extra fine brush tip designed to produce fine lines... perfect for drawing, adding intricate details, doodling and calligraphy.

White pigment paint inside a brush pen. Water soluble while wet, permanent once dry. Dries well on most surfaces including cellophane.

Refillable and reusable. Store pen vertically (lid, brush tip up).
Cartridges sold separately.

Please note...
- shake horizontally with the lid on before each use.
... if you get translucent lines as I have, keep shaking! I didn't mix up the pigments enough before testing :)
- as the ink can easily solidify, ensure you wipe off the tip after use and close the cap firmly.
- not intended for use by children.
- easy to follow instructions included.

Package contains 1 (one) brush pen. Made in Japan.