Prismacolor Premier Colorless Blending Pencils - 2 Pack



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A very useful item to have in your pencil case. This pencil consists of a clear, clean formula that allows for heavy layering while colours below remain bright. It enables you to soften and blend colours and hard edges in coloured pencil artwork.

Blends beautifully - simply colour your picture then use this pencil to "colour" over the section you've just done. It smooths out the pencil lines and mixes the colours together where they meet.

Great Tips...
This Blending Pencil can act as a resist. Simply colour over your picture (everything except the background) and then using a soft pastel colour in your background. You should see the pastel missing the areas where you used the Blending Pencil. Contact me for details if you get stuck :)

By the way, if you don't have pastels, colour a small section on a piece of scrap paper and use that to rub over your background. This will give the background a soft cloudlike look... like coloured cottonballs :) Again, contact me if you need help!

Pack contains 2 unsharpened colourless blending pencils. Need a sharpener that never seems to dull? Check out the Prismacolor one, its fantastic :)