Tim Holtz Etcetera Thickboard Tag - Mini - 4 Tags with Reinforcers

Tim Holtz


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4 (four) Etcetera Thickboard Tags ... by Tim Holtz - Mini 4.5" x 8".

Tim Holtz Etcetera tags are artful things for curious minds!

Thickboard is a mixed media, wood-like surface (its not wood, but it looks like compressed wood) that is strong, sturdy and solid with a matte finish. It's smooth front and back, perfect for collage, altering, mixed media, embellishing and painting. Why not make your loved ones a unique gift? Etcetera Thickboard Shapes are fantastic for making 3-dimensional artworks, home decor, unique pieces of art, wallart and more.

The closeup photo is an example only! There are 4 (four) small sized tag in this pack with matching washers.

Included in the pack are reinforcers (one for each tag). These are round, ring-shaped washers made of Thickboard. Use to reinforce the hole or use as an embellishment, alter and add to your masterpiece.

Tag size : 4.5" x 8" and 3/16" (5mm) thick.

Pack includes:
- 4 thick board tag with a 1/2" pre-drilled hole.
- 4 reinforcer rings (a thickboard washer) 1" wide.