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Tim Holtz Sizzix Tools - Shaping Kit with Styluses, Mat and Squeezers

Tim Holtz Sizzix Tools - Shaping Kit with Styluses, Mat and Squeezers

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Shaping Kit - with 2 (two) Stylus (4 different sized ends), Strong Pointy Tweezers and Dense Foam Moulding Mat ... by Tim Holtz and Sizzix. 4 Tools.

Useful for quilling, making flowers and foliage, shaping scrolls and banners, adding lift to any flat paper element on your page. The double ended styluses are fantastic for adding spots and dot painting too :)

Use the reverse tweezers for all kinds of crafts where you need to hold something easily as you create to your heart's content. The foam mat is light but stays put and is durable, able to withstand all the poking, moulding and shaping as you create.

About these handy tools...
- Tweezers, also called Squeezers ... easy to hold ergonomic handle with pointy tweezer ends that have a strong grip. To use, squeeze to open and let the strong hinge close onto the piece, holding it firmly until you squeeze to open again. 
- Stylus (two tools) ... used for freehand shaping, embossing and debossing, creating shape and form. UseThe two ends of each stylus have round balls or spheres which are used for sculpting. 4 different sized tools in 2 handles, each with ergonimic grips for easy handling.
- Foam Pad ... the ideal work surface to use for papercraft, making dimensional craft projects, floristry and general creativity. It is a firm rectangle of dense foam. A great surface on which to shape, sculpt, push, press and mould.

Sizes (approx)...
- Tweezers : 5" long incl protective cover.
- Stylus : each 5 1/4" to 5 1/2" long with 4 different sized metal shaping tips... 2mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm.
- Foam Pad : 16cm x 12.3cm, 1cm thick.
- all excellent quality, made to last.

Contents : 4 piece set in handy storage box.

Product id 665304 :) Made by Sizzix (Ellison Educational Equipment Inc) and trademarked by Tim Holtz.

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