Dylusions Ranger - Pink Rubber Brayer - Small Roller



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Small rubber brayer or roller (54mm wide) for mixed media, printing and gel press printing --- in Dyan Reaveley and Dina Wakley's signature colour - Hot Pink!

Great for stampers and block print artists. Carve out  your own roller stamps or add rubber bands, string, lace, bubblewrap or openweave fabric like hessian (burlap)  to create textured backgrounds. Be creative!

Ideal for use with any gel printing plate (including those made by Ranger, Gel Press and Gelli Arts, all sold separately of course), stamping, monoprinting or lino printing.

Ranger brayers are a semi-hard rubber roller. Soft rollers are great for picking up paint to roll onto paper but hard rollers (like this one) are better for smoothing paint on a gelatin plate for printing.

The brayer's footed stand reduces roller dent (keeping the rubber smooth) and keeps your work surface paint free. Cleanup is easy -  use soap and water or the Master's Hand Soap (also available, sold separately).

Size: 2 1/4" (54mm) wide roller.