Ranger Non-stick Craft Sheet - Heat Resistant Mat



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Ranger Craft Mat ... Size approx 38cm x 45.5cm (15" x 18") - this brown craft sheet is the go-to surface to use for protecting the table, blending paints and inks, marbling, smooshing, creating beads out of 3D glue and carting about to workshops and retreats. Especially useful for portability and smaller crafting areas.

Light brown with a textured appearance (but very smooth), this craft mat is supple, long lasting, double sided and versatile for all arts and crafts. This craft mat is medium sized, reusable, non-stick and flexible, non-staining, easy to use, heat resistant, slick and smooth work surface. It is 15" x 18" in size.

Nothing sticks to it - not even permanent glues like gesso, Glossy Accents or Jewel-It... let them dry and you can wipe or peel them off :) Simples! I've had mine for over 10 years, use it almost every day in the studio and its still in fab condition (if you ignore that teeny tiny hole I made with my craft pick! lol).

Being constructed of non-porous material allows the mat to withstand high temperatures like those from a heat tool or candle wax. Even hot glue won't burn, melt or distort its finish. Any excess melted or spilled product, once cooled, can be easily removed. Clean up is easy, leaving this ready to use again and again.

Be careful with craft knives and other sharp implements. It is not a cutting surface.

Size approx 38cm x 45.5cm (15" x 18")