Tim Holtz Distress Tools - Blending Brushes - Pack of 2

Tim Holtz - Distress


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Distress Blending Brush ... Pack of 2 - by Tim Holtz. Natural bristle brush with retractable casing and lid.

Tim's fantastic retractable blending brush brings together a traditional stencil brush and the shape and versatility of a makeup brush. The bristles feel softer with the rounded shape, giving you the flexibility for distressing and blending styles.

Each tool has a smooth tin retractable casing and a lid. The compact built-in storage enables you to pop it in your craft bag easily without worrying about ink getting over everything.

The Tim Holtz Distress Blending Brushes are firm bristled brushes designed to create soft blends for backgrounds and inside medium to large areas. Open fully to achieve soft gradual blends or close the silver metal tubing to use as a firmer brush.

Use to easily apply Distress Ink and Distress Oxide directly to the surface, or apply through stencils for shaded effects. Distress Blending Brushes are made with natural fibres while the compact retractable casing and its lid is made of fine silver metal (similar metal to the storage tins).

Sizes (approx):
- open with no lid 97mm (3 7/8") long
- closed with lid 104mm (4 1/16") long
- 20mm (3/4") wide

Pack contains 2 fabulous tools with lids.

Fab storage idea (thanks to Tim) ... keep your Distress Blending Brushes together in a Distress Mini Ink Pad Storage Tin. Paint the end of the brush lids so you can see at a glance, which range of colours you're using them (eg, yellows, reds, greens, blues, browns, purples).

Photo shows an example of its size compared to a Distress Ink Mini Foam Blending Tool (sold separately, also available).