Tim Holtz Sizzix Tools - Die Cutting Kit - Magnetic Brush, Pick and Mat



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Tim Holtz Tool Set ... by Sizzix - Brush roller with magnetic end cap, die pick with lid and a foam mat (no.665303).

Practical and useful tools for weeding, die cutting and cleaning up die cut makes. This kit is also handy for quilling, paper flower making, creating holes for brads and other fasteners.

About these essential tools...
- Brush Roller loosens the die cut pieces so they're easier to separate excess paper from when using any wafer-thin, chemically-etched die. To use, simply place your cardstock or paper onto the foam pad and roll the brush over the top.
- Magnet End Cap is used for collecting your smaller dies when finished cutting. Makes tidying up a breeze.
- Craft Pick is a long sharp needle-like pointer. It pokes the scraps left behind inside the metal die templates. It also can be used for cleaning out small pieces of paper from die-cuts. It includes a lid to keep it safe when not in use.
- Foam Pad is the perfect work surface to use with the brush and pic. It helps by being a dense but spongy surface, enabling the other tools to do their job.

Sizes (approx)...
- Brush Roller : 14cm long, 4cm wide.
- Magnet End Cap : 2.5cm across.
- Craft Pick : 11.5cm long, lid is 5.7cm.
- Foam Pad : 11.5cm x 18cm, 1.3cm thick.

Need Help with the Magnetic End Cap? If you'd like me to put the magnet on the end of your Brush Roller before I post your tool kit, please ask. You hold the brush in one hand, the magnet in the other and roll them onto each other as you push together. You'll hear a click. Its fairly simply once you know how, just a flick of the wrist! I'm always here to help!

Contents : 5 piece set and handy storage container (packaging).
Be careful, the pick is very sharp!

Made by Sizzix (Ellison Educational Equipment Inc) and tradmarked by Tim Holtz.