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Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios

Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios Retractable Craft Knife with 3 Blades

Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios Retractable Craft Knife with 3 Blades

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Retractable Craft Knife - by Tim Holtz and Tonic Studios ... (no.3356EUS) Black Kushgrip handle, 3 (three) sharp long pointy blades.

With a retractable blade for safety and storage, this Tim Holtz craft knife has a Kushgrip ergonomic, easy to hold balanced handle, perfect for detailed fussy cutting and precision trimming.

When a handle has a soft but firm grip, it enables you to work without needing to grip the knife so tightly that it causes fatigue and pain in the hands. Use to cut paper, card, fabrics, chipboard and polymer clay. 

How to Replace the Blades ...
Slide the switch to push the blade housing out of the handle. Unscrew the housing, push in a blade (taking care of the sharp bits). Screw the housing closed again. Slide the switch back to either closed or the working position.

Perfect for crafting, scrapbooking, visual arts, papercrafts, mixed media, paper tole, origami, paper sculpting, paper cutting, and general crafts.

Package contains:
- 1 craft knife
- 3 long pointy blades
- easy to follow instructions on the back of pack.

Spare blades (refills) for this Tim Holtz Retractable Craft Knife are also available in packs of 5, sold separately - Long Pointy no.3357EUS and Wide no.3358EUS.

Warning: the enclosed product contains very sharp points and blades. Use and handle with care. An obvious statement but needs saying :) 

Made by Tonic Studio for Tim Holtz.

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