FolkArt by Plaid - Watercolour and Acrylic Paint Brush Set - 3 Brushes



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Watercolour Brush Set - FolkArt by Plaid... 3 painting brushes for folk art, calligraphy, watercolours and acrylic painting.

FolkArt offers brushes, tools and accessories for all your project needs. Whether you are a beginner, expert, decorative painter or someone who enjoys stencilling, FolkArt will help you achieve beautiful results. 

Use with watersoluble media of all kinds including watercolour paints, pencils and markers, inks, ink sprays, watersoluble crayons, acrylic paints and more.

Ideal to use to create wonderful watercolor washes, details and effects in your painting and colouring projects. The extremely soft synthetic bristles are designed to hold a large volume of water and release it in a controlled manner.

Wash before paint dries on the bristles with soap and water (or Master's Brush Cleaner, sold separately). Reshape with fingers and leave to dry (place upright in a jar or hang from a brush holder).

- Synthethic bristles
- soft and durable
- 3 brush sizes
... large pointed oval wash, large round, medium liner.

Use the pointed oval wash brush for large areas, creating washes and backgrounds.
The larger round brush is great for bold stroke work (flowers, petals, lettering) and painting main elements in a design.
A liner is often used for line work, adding details, writing, lettering and calligraphy but also perfect for smaller stroke work (tiny flowerettes, spots and markings).

This 4" x 10.5" package contains 3 (three) watercolour brushes - 1 (one) pointed oval wash, 1 (one) medium round, 1 (one) medium liner.