Aleene's Liquid Fusion Adhesive - 4oz Bottle



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Liquid Fusion glue is a super strong, clear urethane adhesive perfect for projects that require quick adhesion and long lasting bond.

It creates a stable bond in 5-10 minutes, is non foaming and dries clear.

Use indoors or outdoors and is best on porous, non-oily surfaces such as paper, card, wood, metal, stone, ceramic, plastic, glass, fabric and more. It sticks just about anything :) Its the best thing since the Pritt gel disappeared from our lives!

How to use...
Apply even coat to clean, dry surface. Press together without moving. It will be dry after 5-10 minutes but leave to dry for 2-4 hours. For maximum hold, leave for 24 hours for glue to completely cure.

- Non-toxic, non-foaming, water-based
- Permanent and waterproof when dry
- Easy cleanup ... wash up in water before drying
- Dries fast and clear
- 4 oz (118ml) bottle