Ranger Anti-Static Pouch



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Anti-Static Pouch - by Ranger ... 1 (one) handy tool for creating a static free surface when using embossing inks and powders (for heat embossing).

Create a static-free surface for crafting. Ideal for use when embossing, applying glitter, fine mica dust and hand lettering. Helps to prevent embossing powders, mica powder and glitter from straying all over your art and craft projects.

A must-have tool for any craftsperson, this Anti-Static Pouch removes the cling (static) from paper, acetate and fabric, leaving a static-free surface ideal for embossing, glittering and using dust particles in craft.

How To Use...
- Do not open the pouch, it is used as it is.
- Make sure your surface is totally dry.
- Gently wipe the Anti-Static Pouch across the dry surface where you wish to apply embossing powder.
- What happens, is that the powder from the pouch breaks up any surface static that naturally occurs, stopping the embossing powder from straying and sticking where its not wanted.
- Brush or blow away any excess powder left behind before stamping, writing, drawing or inking the surface with embossing ink (sold separately).
- Apply ink or any other medium as normal, then scatter the embossing powder onto the wet ink (or medium). Shake off the excess - you'll see you will get a cleaner finish, not so many stray spots of embossing powder!

Pouch size : approx 55mm x 66mm, 10mm thick.

Made of white cotton fabric with blue stitching across the top and bottom of the pouch. Talc free.