Brea Reese - Silicone Paste Applicator

Brea Reese


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Large Silicone Flat Applicator ... Brea Reese - for mixed media and visual arts.

The Brea Reese Large Mixed Media Applicator is made from a white, durable, single-moulded silicone. Rounded along one edge, finely taped on the other, this tool is well balanced, flexible and easy to hold and use.

Size (approx) : 4 3/4" (12.2cm) long, 2 1/4" (5.5cm) wide.
... 7mm thick at the rounded edge.

Use this versatile flexible spatula for blending, mixing, scraping, sculpting, moving, shaping, gel printing, marking - all kinds of mediums including paint, plaster, texture paste, embossing paste, glitter glues and gels, gel mediums, acrylic paint, clay, paperclay, and more. 

This package contains 1 (one) white silicone applicator.