Brusho Watercolours - Sprinkle It - Powdered Paint - 6 Metallic and Iridescent Colours

Colourcraft Ltd


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Sprinkle It Metallic and Iridescent Watercolours - Brusho by ColourCraft - set of 6 (six) powdered watercolour paints in shimmery metallics and iridescent.

Brusho SprinkleIt paints are unique watercolour ink powders that create wonderful bursts of shimmer and sparkle wherever it is applied.

The metallics are highly pigmented colour in gold, pearl and copper. The iridescents are shimmery, sparkly translucent colours of gold flash, purple flash and green flash, all 3 with seemingly holographic-like effects.

Brusho Crystal Colours are perfect for adding to watercolour painting, creating backgrounds, colouring stamps, blending with mediums, using in journals, diaries, calendars, scrapbooks, mixed media and collage artworks, cardmaking, tags, all kinds of visual arts.

Colours in this set are:
Metallic Gold, Metallic Copper, Pearl, Iridescent Gold, Iridescent Violet and Iridescent Flash.

How to use SprinkleIT ...
The main way it is mentioned in the basic instructions (included in the box) is to apply (scatter, shake, pour, paint, sprinkle) the SprinkleIT® watercolour powder over other layers of art or on its own. For the colours to adhere to the surface, the powder needs to be used with water or a wet medium (matte medium, gloss medium, gels, texture pastes, glues).

Works beautifully with all the colours in the Brusho Crystal Colour range (also available at Art by Jenny, sold separately). Brusho Crystal Colours (Colourcraft call them "ink crystals") are highly pigmented watercolour powders (made from ink rather than opaque paint) that dissolves easily with most wet mediums including water, other paints, ink, mediums, gels, glues and texture pastes. One little jar creates an abundance of colour!

Techniques and ideas ...
- Sprinkle them directly onto a wet substrate (paper, canvas or other surface) and watch how the colours interact and blend together. Its an intriguing organic process that happens almost like magic.
- Sprinkle on a wet brush, spatula, painting knife or texture tool to create a variety of effects.
- Dip the paint brush into the jar.
- Sprinkle some on your palette and add water for painting and colouring.
- Dissolve Brusho Crystal Colour with water for painting.
- Dissolve some in water to use in a spray bottle (sold separately) to create beautiful marbled blends of colour.
- Mix into gel medium, gesso, wax paste, texture paste, embossing paste, Brusho Thickener, Brusho Aquawax for other ways to be creative with this versatile powdered watercolour paint.
- Stamp an image with Archival or Embossing ink and while still wet, sprinkle on some Brusho powder. Shake off the excess and pour back into the jar.

Hints and Tips ...
- Easy to open, simply unscrew the lid.
- Use a spatula or brush to lift some powder out of the jar.
- Use a drawing pin to poke a hole in the lid and use the drawing pin as the stopper.
- Apply gesso to the top of the lid and once dry, paint on the Brusho Powder to create a swatch coloured lid.
- For fabrics, be sure to mix with a fabric medium during or after you've created your artwork if you wish it to be washable.

Box Contains ...
6 (six) jars of Brusho Crystal Colour SprinkleIT powdered watercolour paint and basic instructions.

Each jars is (approx) - 1 7/8" x 1 5/16" wide (48mm x 33mm wide) and holds 10 grams of powdered paint.

Non toxic, acid free.