Chameleon Pens Fineliners - Blend and Colour - 48 Fine Tip Markers

Chameleon Art Products

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Chameleon Fineliners ... 48 fine felt tipped markers (0.3mm) for journaling, illustrating, lettering, calligraphy, drawing and colouring. 

Chameleon Art Products' Fineliners Felt Tipped Pens have a patented dual ink system, with ink in the pen as well as in the cap. To create colourful blends, all you need to do is switch the cap (lid) to a different colour or hop the tops (lids) from multiple pens (1-3 seconds at a time) one after the other (before drawing) to make interesting multi-coloured linework and blends. 

Write, draw and color like no other! Ideal for writing, intricate coloring, doodling, and drawing. Perfect for bullet journals and planners as the ink won’t bleed through most papers.

Features a fine point Japanese precision 0.3mm metal-clad tip for super smooth writing performance.

- Ergonomic design with easy to hold triangular barrels.
- Water-based, dry safe ink.
- Won’t bleed through most papers.
- Detailed instructions in the pack.

With 48 Chameleon Fineliner Pens, you have the opportunity to create over 1000 colour blending combinations, simply by using the pens and lids together in dozens of ways!

Colours in this set are :
- PK2 Dusty Rose
- PK3 Bubble Gum
- PK4 Peony Pink
- PK5 Fuchsia
- RD2 Red Coral
- RD3 Vermillion
- RD4 Crimson Red
- RD5 Burgundy
- OR3 Tangerine
- OR4 Seville Orange
- YO2 Mellow Yellow
- YO3 Warm Sunset
- YL2 Summer Sun
- YG3 Spring Meadow
- OL3 Olive Green
- GR1 Green Apple
- GR2 Dark Sage
- GR3 Grass Green
- GR4 Evergreen
- BG1 Lagoon
- BG3 Turquoise
- BG4 Aqua Marine
- BL2 Baby Blue
- BL3 Sky Blue
- BL4 Cornflower Blue
- BL6 Royal Blue
- BL7 Indigo
- BL8 Slate Blue
- BV2 Lavender
- VO2 Mauve
- VO3 Plum
- VO4 Deep Violet
- BV4 Blue Violet
- PR4 Purple Grape
- NU0 Sand
- NU1 Bisque
- NU2 Light Peach
- NU3 Fawn
- NU4 Caramel
- BR1 Taupe
- BR2 Hot Cocoa
- BR3 Cinnamon
- BR4 Burnt Umber
- BR5 Bark
- NG4 Neutral Grey
- CG8 Cool grey
- WG3 Warm Grey
- BK4 Deep Black

Complete set of 48 Fineliners by Chameleon Art Products.