Chameleon Pens - Clear Blending Ink Refill Kit - 25ml

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Clear Blending Ink Refill Kit ... for Chameleon Pens (solvent based markers with a difference).

A 25ml bottle of clear blending ink to refill the Mixing Chambers of Chameleon Pens (the clever blendable markers) and the double ended Blending Pen (the white one).

Are your Chameleon Pens not blending any more? Still have plenty of colour in each pen but no more shading? Not quite to same to use are they? Never mind... I've got the solution for you - a bottle of clear blending ink for the Mixing Chambers! 

Other colours of Chameleon Pen Refills are also available - ask for details :)

How to use ...
- follow the instructions in the pack carefully!
- use in a well ventilated room (as its a solvent)
- holding your specially designed Chameleon Tweezers (don't use sharp household ones), pull out the nib from the mixing chamber and put aside (you'll need this).
- using the ink injector, draw up 1ml of clear blending ink.
- squeeze into the mixing chamber.
- push the nib back in place.
- the little cloth is for cleanup if necessary.
Most important ... only put 1ml in each mixing chamber or it might overflow. It doesn't seem much but it is for markers! You can always add more but its hard to draw it back out if you've filled them too much :)

Pack contains ... 1 bottle of clear blending ink (25ml), ink injector kit and instructions.

You may also need Chameleon Pen Tweezers and or Spare Nibs for the Mixing Chambers (not included, also available, sold separately). The whole Chameleon Pen range and some other Refill Kit colours are also available upon request.

I'm here at the end of the phone, email or FB message to help if you need any.

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