Chameleon Pens - Ink Refill Kit - RD4 Crimson Red

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Ink Refill Kit for the (RD4) Crimson Red Chameleon Pen.

The Chameleon Colour Tones System allows you to do more with less - simple to learn, easy to master! A wide variety of colours and tones are achievable, from the palest tints to the darkest tones.

When colouring your new adult colouring book, have a go with colouring over another colour - this gives you even more colours!

This kit includes:
- 1 x 25ml bottle of ink
- 1 x ink injector with measurements
- 1 x ink injecting nib
- Detailed instructions

Please note: you will need a pair of Chameleon Tweezers (sold separately or with the Colourless Blending Refill Kit). Do not use sharp household tweezers as they may damage the nibs.

Deluxe 22-pen sets, single pens, accessories and tweezers sold separately. Click here to see all products by Chameleon Art Products

Watch the videos to discover how simple it is to refill your Chameleon Pens and Mixing Chamber: