Yasutomo Calligraphy Pens - Chisel Tip Markers - Black - 3 Pack



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Chisel Tip Markers for Calligraphy ... 3 (three) black pens with wide nibs for lettering, writing and drawing.

These Chisel tipped Calligraphy markers contain a generous ink supply for multiple projects and feature sharp durable nibs for excellent results. 

Turn your own handwriting into beautiful calligraphy using these three chisel shaped, flat nibbed pens. 3 sizes : 2.0 (fine, 1.5mm), 3.5 (medium, 3.5mm) and 5.0 (wide, 5mm).

Depending how you hold the pen, the vertical stroke could be thick while the horizontal stroke is thin. Hold the pen at a different angle to write in different styles.

To keep your writing steady and straight, place lined paper underneath your paper. A lightbox will make this easier and enable you see the lines clearly through your paper or card.

Use for elegantly writing on invitations, announcements, greeting cards, signs, awards and certificates on light or dark paper. Also writes and draws on most glossy papers. The pigment ink is waterbased and water resistant when dry on porous surfaces (eg, paper and card). 

- odour free
- contains no xylene
- water-based pigment
- non-toxic
- acid free
- conforms to ASTM D4236

This package contains 3 (three) black inked markers : 2.0 (fine, 1.5mm), 3.5 (medium, 3.5mm) and 5.0 (wide, 5mm).