Cosmic Shimmer - Gilding Flakes - Autumn Leaves - 100ml Jar

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Autumn Leaves - Gilding Flakes ... by Cosmic Shimmer. 100ml dry flakes of faux metal leaf in mixed colour variation (golds, bronze, blues).

Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes can be used in a variety of ways in arts and crafts, papercrafts, mixed media, scrapbooking, home decor, framing and other visual arts.

Ideal for creating using traditional gilding techniques, adding to homemade paper, including in resins for jewellery, giftware and homewares, adding into shaker domes and cards for an extra bit of shimmer.

Easy to use ...
Simply apply an adhesive and scatter on the flakes. Pat or press down gently to encourage the flakes to adhere to the glue. Using a firm but soft dry brush (ie, any acrylic paintbrush) or a dry sponge to remove the excess flakes and reveal the gilded design.

Hints and Tips ...
Most glues will work with Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes ... eg, gel medium, collage medium, gilding size, adhesive tape, transfer gel, Ranger's Sticky Embossing Powder, glue stick, texture paste.

One that remains sticky is best as it gives you plenty of time for working. Other mediums, adhesives and glues will also work as long as you add the flakes before the glue is dry. Some adhesives will remain tacky for a long time, some dry fast - this also depends on your climate.

Some glues will need leaving to dry after the flakes are placed, before brushing off. Some glues will allow flakes to be brushed off straight away - test first before working on your project!

Stamping and Gilding Flakes ...
When adding Gilding Flakes using a stamped image, ensure your glue is washed off the rubber or clear acrylic stamp before it dries or use Ranger's clear, grey or Distress embossing ink with Sticky Embossing Powder. Read the instructions before use.

Contents of Jar ... 100ml of dry metallic flakes of imitation metal leaf. Colours vary.