Crackle Accents - Clear Dimensional Gel Adhesive - 2oz



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Crackle Accents is a clear, dimensional gloss medium with a difference. Its a varnish and glue with a fine precision tip just like Ranger's popular Glossy Accents (sold separately) but when dry, has a clear, crazed crackled finish. 

Use to add a textured finish that can be made to look like an antique finish, old surfaces or simply use as a glue! Use to highlight distinct areas on any scrapbook page, album cover, rubber stamped image, paper craft or home decor project.

Use Crackle Accents as an adhesive, under heavy embellishments to make them stay put or use as a distressed looking varnish with a 3D dimensional finish.

- Acid free and non-toxic
- Dries crystal clear, crackled and glossy
- Thick Crackle Accents may give deep cracks, thin amounts may give tiny cracks
... test on a scrap piece first to make sure it dries as you wish. Its not easy to take off again as its permanent!
- Use to create clear enamel dots with a difference.
- Create drops and markings on a craft sheet and peel off to add to your project

Pack contains ... 2oz (59ml) bottle with fine precision tip.