Dina Wakley Collage Papers - Faces - 20 Sheets - NEW!



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Faces ... Collage Papers, 20 Sheets - very fine tissue, printed in unique designs by Dina Wakley Media and Ranger.

This collection of collage papers include 5 feminine portraits, each printed in both black and white on very fine white tissue paper. There are 2 of each colour and design, ie 10 black prints, 10 white prints (totalling 20 sheets).

When glued to a surface, the white tissue becomes semi-translucent (almost disappearing into the background), allowing the black or white printed design to become more prominant.

Using collage papers is a fast and easy way to add interesting details to a background. Perfect for visual arts of all kinds including collage, mixed media, decoupage, journal pages, greeting cards, ATCs, junk journals, anything! 

Simply trim, cut or tear the pieces you want to add then glue into your artwork using your favourite gel medium, glue or adhesive. Add colour and make it your own with paints and inks.

Package contains 20 sheets, each approx 7.5" x 10" (19cm x 25cm) in size.