Dina Wakley Mixed Media Journal - 54 Pages of Crafty Surfaces for Art

Dina Wakley


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An Amazing Book to Inspire Creativity and Imagination!

Get crafty with mixed media using this unique book by Dina Wakley. Dina's Media Journal includes a unique variety of surfaces ideal for all types of craft, mixed media and art journaling. The 4 different surface types are burlap, canvas, cotton rag watercolor paper, and kraft paper.

Journaling has never been something restricted to plain paper, daily diary writing or creating art about affirmations - its all about keeping memories and soothing the mind by being creative. Journaling is an illustrated diary... whether its stamped, cut, glued, drawn, painted or splattered, its all illustrations (of a sort) in a diary. Just a bit of daily fun!

All you really need (apart from paints, etc) to work on is a book or good quality paper! You need surfaces that will allow your skills to develop and expand without making you frustrated with the paper falling apart. This happens just from working away at one spot for too long or using too much water, paint or mediums... which I do alot, I'm very heavy handed with colour and texture - could be why my art seems to take ages to dry sometimes! lol :)

Anyway, this versatile new journal from Ranger and Dina Wakley Media, is both - its a book with excellent quality surfaces - the perfect thing to take your imagination and ideas wherever they want.

Use with acrylic paints, watercolours, crayons, inks, dyes, stains, mediums, gesso, texture and embossing pastes, Dina's Scribble Sticks (water-soluble crayons) and more for endless creative possibilities.

The size of the journal is as follows :
... cover is 197mm x 260mm, pages are 184mm x 254mm
... cover is 7.75” x 10.25”, pages are 7.25” x 10”
... approx 1 inch thick
... hardcover with stitched pages

Contains 54 pages, including 4 different substrates (surface types)
- burlap, canvas, cotton rag watercolour paper, kraft card