Dylusions - Dyalog Insert Book 1 - Dots

Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley


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Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley Dyalog Insert Book : Dots (no.1) - this book has a pink and blue cover featuring arrows and squares with a dashed border. Inside pages are preprinted with a light grey pattern of spots a grid layout, a spaced evenly throughout, approx 5mm apart (5 squares is 1 inch). 

Dotted paper is fantastic for dot journaling and using as a base for designing crochet, knitting, cross stitch and beading patterns. Also a fun base for the dot game (where each person takes a turn to draw a line, the one with most squares wins!). 

Dots (collection 1) includes 24 pages of Mixed Media paper printed with a graph made of evenly spaced spots.
They're a fantastic starting point for journaling, notes, to-do lists, poetry, recipes, thoughts, quotes, doodling and more. Add more colour using stamps, stencils, paint, pencils, crayons or markers. Include stamped images, drawings, stickers, artwork, photos, make windows and cut wavy pages, attach extra flip out pages, dividers and borders.
Being Mixed Media Paper means its perfect for anything you wish to create, plan, draw or colour!

Dylusions Dyalogs by Dyan Reaveley, are planners and accessories for art journaling, creative organisation and the day by day documenting of life, also called memory keeping!

Mix your insides to match your outsides... or visa versa! Put some fun and colour into planning, organisation and reaching goals.
Dyalogs Insert Books are a fantastic creative notebook for all ages, for home, school and the office. Versatile and practical, this Dyalog Insert Book can be used on its own or with the complimenting Dyalog covers and accessories (all available, sold separately).

Made out of high quality, smooth, antique white in colour, mixed media card stock - the same weight of mixed media paper found in the Dylusions Creative Dyary (also available, sold separately).
Dylusions Mixed Media Paper is a durable surface that accepts a variety of art and craft techniques (paints, collage, mixed media, drawing, stamping, colouring and more) without bleeding through.

Each book has rounded corners, sturdy cover and is stitched along the spine (saddle-stitched) in a cotton coloured to compliment the cover. 

Insert books measure 4.375" x 8.25" and contain 24 pages.
Package contains 1 (one) Insert Book, Dots (collection 1).